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diana bongers


The elements of everything.

All things are made of little things, little shapes put together to become something else. This transformation of elements into a new form motivates me as an artist. The possiblities are infinite.

In my work I use simple 3D paper shapes and order them in a repetitive manner, so these shapes become part of a network of papers pieces, giving these shapes a totally new dimension.

In nature, which is my primary inspiration, this process can be clearly seen. Like for instance in the leaves of a tree or the scales of a fish.

My intention however is not to copy nature, but to make a more digitalized version of it. To do that textures, patterns and colours are all I need.

Just like in nature, my work is never exactly the same. The medium I use is paper, which I cut, colour and fold by hand, so the shapes and colours all end up a bit different and, when put together, the outcome still has an organic feel to it.

Whith my work I try to stimulate people to look at it from up close, from further away and from different angles, as each viewpoint reveals different colours and shapes. 

For further information regarding my paintings please feel free to contact me.
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